Fix: No Internet Connection on iPhone WiFi Network

Sometimes when you are trying to access the internet on your iPhone, it does not work, and when you check the Wi-Fi it looks like the signal is strong but the internet does not work.

If you go to the Settings App and tap on Wifi you may see the Wi-Fi icon with an ! sign (exclamation) and a message that reads "No Internet Connection", this means that your internet connection is down!

Why do I see "No Internet Connection" on Wifi?

    Wi-Fi routers are devices that help to deliver internet to devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops wirelessly. They take in an internet connection that is provided by an ISP (internet service provider) and broadcast it wirelessly.

    When the ISP connection does down, the Wi-Fi has no internet, thus you see this error!

How to fix this issue?

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