iOS 17 - How to Enable Screen Distance Feature under Screen Time on iPhone/iPad

With every new iOS (and iPadOS) that get the Screen Time Option under Settings app gets more features to help users to keep a check on your Mental and Physical heath of yourself. One good feature added to iOS 17 Screen Time is called the Screen Distance.

Screen Distance app helps to reduce eye strain. This feature helps to reduce the risk of myopia in children.

How to Enable Screen Distance Feature on iPhone/iPad

    Step 1: Go to Settings App and click on Screen Time.

    Screen Time iOS 17

    Step 2: You will see the new option - Screen Distance, tap on it.

    Screen Distance

    Step 3: Here you will see a toggle button to enable or disable Screen Distance option for your iPhone/iPad.

    Screen Distance on iPhone to reduce strain on eyes

Once enabled the Screen Distance will send you alerts when you or your child holds an iPhone or iPad with too close to his/her eyes.

Note: Screen Distance makes use of Face ID hence it is only supported by iPhones/iPads that have Face ID built in.

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