TL;DR List of 34+ New Features added to iOS 17 for iPhones

This article is a tl;dr version of the new features added to iOS 17.

iOS 17 is the latest release of the Operating System for the iPhones, if you are planning to update your iOS, or to buy a new iPhone 15, here are the features that you should know that you be getting.

34 List of New Features in iOS 17

  1. Interactive Widgets: With iOS 17 the Widgets on the Home and Lock screens are now interactive, i.e now you can perform actions directly from them. Like Play/Pause Music or Turn Home Appliances On/Off. This is a good addition to iOS and we are inching closer to the capabilities of Android OS.

    iOS 17 Widgets
  2. Wallpaper Improvements: There are quite a few of subtle enhances here,

    • Wallpaper brightness adapts to dark or light mode
    • iOS 17 Live Wallpaper Support
      Live Photos are supported as wallpaper which is really cool!
    • Text on the lock screen is customizable.

  3. StandBy new Feature iOS 17

    Standby Mode: While charging your iPhone, when placed horizontal charging, you will see widgets and Live activities such as sports updates with adaptive appearance based on ambient light.

  4. Home Improvements: Shake to cancel widget or app moves.

  5. Autocorrect and Text Prediction: Powered by an on-device transformer model, offers improved accuracy and personalization, and allows learning not to autocorrect certain words.

  6. AirDrop Improvements: Now we have a new feature called as "NameDrop" for quick file sharing, and offers enhanced functionality.

  7. Spotlight Improvements: Change system settings directly from search results.

  8. Focus Mode Improvements: A new "Silence Notifications" option.

  9. Visual Lookup Improvements: Now recognizes symbols in photos.

  10. Siri Improvements: Now all you need to say is "Siri" instead of "Hey Siri" and she can be activation without repetition, improved messaging, reading web pages in Safari, and finding lost Apple TV remote.

    iOS 17 Siri
  11. Faster Haptic Touch: Shorter duration option.

  12. Advanced AutoFill in PDFs: Uses Contacts data for form filling.

  13. Accessibility Improvements: Personal Voice, Point and Speak, Assistive Access, and more.

  14. Networking Improvements: Support for private cellular networks and cellular data usage statistics.

  15. iPhone Storage Improvements: Displays shared data between apps from the same manufacturer.

  16. Phone: We now have Contact Posters for customizing incoming call screens, different ringtones for each SIM, and UI improvements.

    iOS 17 Contact Posters
  17. Messages: "Check In" feature, transcript for voice messages, and use of emojis/photo cutouts as stickers.

  18. Journal: An encrypted journaling app.

  19. FaceTime: Video or audio message support, effect reactions, and more.

  20. Apple Music: Collaborative playlists, cross-fading, and animated album artwork.

  21. Maps: Offline maps, electric vehicle charging station availability, and people search.

  22. Safari: Profiles, Face ID protection in private browsing, private search engine, Listen to Page feature, and more.

  23. Notes: Create links between notes and view/annotate PDFs.

  24. Reminders: Organized lists into sections.

  25. Photos: Recipe search, pet recognition, simplified cropping, search for objects in videos.

  26. Camera: "Level" and "Lock white balance" settings, deferred photo processing.

  27. Find My: Have support for sharing AirTags with up to five people.

  28. Clock: Now supports multiple simultaneous timers.

  29. Weather: There are lot of new details available such as wind map, weather comparison, moon phase, and more.

    iOS 17 Weather App
  30. Screen Time: We can now monitor Screen Distance and set warnings, this is a great feature for kids and adults to protect eye strains.

    Screen Distance iOS 17
  31. Health: We can now add mood logging & correlations, standardized assessments for anxiety and depression, and more.

    Health Mood Changes - iOS 17
  32. Shortcuts: Spotlight search commands, background color for commands.

  33. Fitness: Now you can choose from custom workout plans, and have volume control for music and instructors.

  34. New Security Features:

    • One-time verification code autofill in Safari.

    • Link-tracking protection in Mail, Messages, and Private Mode in Safari.

    • Shared group passwords for sharing with family and friends.

    • Sensitive content warning for nudity in received media.

    • Lockdown mode for enhanced security.

This is not an AI-generated article but is demonstrated by a human with an iPhone running iOS 17 Beta 8.

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