Introduction to JSON : JSON Tutorial

JSON Tutorial -

Introduction to JSON

  • JSON stands for : JavaScript Object Notation.
  • JSON is an Open source, light-weight data-interchange format.
  • JSON is a sub-set of JavaScript.
  • JSON is an alternative to XML.
  • JSON is used to transmit data between sever and web application.
  • JSON is language independent just as XML.
  • JSON Internet media type is application/json.
  • JSON has a file extension of .json.
  • JSON format was introduced by Douglas Crockford.

    Advantage of JSON over XML.

  • JSON is easy to read compared to XML.
  • JSON is more compact than XML and hence is loaded quickly.
  • JSON is more flexible compared to XML.
  • JSON is faster compared to XML.

  • Prerequisites

  • Should have a basic knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of XML would be advantageous.

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