What does has notifications silenced in Messages App mean in iPhone

iPhone Messages has notifications silenced

While texting your friend or family you noticed that in the Messages app on your iPhone, you see a message at the bottom on the app saying "X has notifications silenced" and you are wondering what is this message about? Or did one of your friend reached out to you saying they are seeing this notification when they text you! Well lets find out.

Reasons for "has notifications silenced" on Messages App

The other person may have set the Focus Mode on, this intimates the sender so that they are aware that they could be at work or asleep or trying to focus

Do not have focus mode on?

Well if the focus mode is not set on your iPhone, yet your friends or family see this message, then it could be that you share multiple Apple devices such as a Macbook or an iPad that has Focus mode on.

i.e. If you share the same App ID (iCloud account) across multiple devices and have focus sharing on all devices linked will go into Do Not Disturb.

Focus Mode Settings iPhone

Focus is shared across your devices, and turning one on for this device will turn it on for all of them.

How to turn off Focus Mode

  • Go to Settings App,
  • Tap on Focus,
  • Make sure you turn off Focus option, Do Not Disturb, Personal, Sleep, or Work

How to turn off Focus Share Across Devices

  • Go to Settings App,
  • Tap on Focus,
  • Disable Share Across Devices

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