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You can now Transfer Facebook Posts to Google Photos, Docs, Checkout how!

Okta Hacked - Source Code Stolen from GitHub Repo

What is Carbon Lang (successor to C++?) experimental Language by Google

Find Covid-19 Vaccine centers on macOS or iOS Maps App

Mac - Steam Needs to Be Online to Update. Please confirm your network connection and try again error

Twitch chat down, error loading data, content unavailable, streaming problem

Telegram down in Europe - users facing connection issues and 500 Internal Server error

Spotify is down for iOS and Android globally - error no internet connection available, something went wrong

airbnb website and mobile App is down worldwide - clear browser cache or reinstall app to fix error

Google YouTube Gmail down, not working worldwide - 503, 502, something went wrong error

Uber and UberEats App down - issues with network, login, navigation, fare price, orders

5 Programming Languages to Learn in the Year 2021

[Gmail] Calling in Hangouts will be turned off soon.


Hotstar Disney+ mobile app test push notification

Tesla hit by a complete network and mobile app outage - 23 Sept 2020 11am ET (US and Europe)

Hurry! Uninstall Adobe Flash Player - End Of Life, support end in December 2020

FCM Messages Test Notification!!!! - Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts push alert

12 August - International Youth Day celebrated worldwide