Uber and UberEats App down - issues with network, login, navigation, fare price, orders

Many users are reporting problems with Uber app. Food delivery app UberEats also have crashed in cities around the world. The outage seems global with most complaints coming from USA, UK and France. Reports form London, Paris, New York, Toronto, Brussels, and Amsterdam.
Uber UberEats down
Uber UberEats down
Downdetector has over 2,500 reports for UberEats where they faced problems logging in, experiencied issues when trying to finalise their order and checkout.
UberEats down error
UberEats down error
Impacted services
  1. Cannot login to App
  2. Cannot get ride fare/price
  3. Problems with navigation
  4. Cannot order food on App

There is no statement issued by Uber/UberEats on their official Facebook, Twitter handle or website.


  • This is fixed guys, working now. May be signout and sign-in again.
    11 Dec 2020 18:20:00 GMT
  • Cannot obtain navigation within the driver app. What the heck? Have had to cancel 4 riders before I signed off to figure out what to do. At least glad to see many issues being reported today.
    11 Dec 2020 18:13:32 GMT
  • Seems to be partially working in Pittsburgh again.
    11 Dec 2020 18:01:00 GMT
  • I can’t order an ride. The fares won’t show up. Smh Uber y’all just made me pay $20 for a missed nail appointment.
    11 Dec 2020 17:50:21 GMT
  • Yea I’m in Charleston, SC. Just logged on and the screen isn’t showing the fare price or your green/gold/plat status. Looks like it’s doing the same thing from last month when it went down. Smh this is too soon from last time, let’s get it together Uber!
    11 Dec 2020 17:43:32 GMT
  • Can anyone let me know when the app is back up and running. Trying to work for the holidays.
    11 Dec 2020 17:11:32 GMT
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