Okta Hacked - Source Code Stolen from GitHub Repo

Hackers stole Okta Github code repo

Okta, one of the leading Identify & Access Management company based in San Francisco, United States, suffered a security incident for the second time this year.

As per Okta, in early December 2022, GitHub had alerted the company about possible suspicious access to their code repositories, which the company investigated and found to be a copy of Okta code repositories.

okta security breach December 2022

In a statement released the company confirmed that "there was no unauthorized access to the Okta service, and no unauthorized access to customer data".

There have been no outages to Okta Auth services. Though there have been temporary restrictions on access to Okta GitHub repositories and suspended all GitHub integrations with third-party applications.

Link - Official Statement: Okta Code Repositories (December 21, 2022)

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