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14th April 2023

🤖 Trends & Advancements in AI & GPT Models

    With the rapid evolution of AI, deep learning, and large language models, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date. That's why we've created this dedicated section to help keep you informed.

  • The company that introduced an AI time-traveler - a program that securely records an individual's personal information on their own device and enables them to access any details and facts about their past activities, much like using a personal search engine. Essentially, the AI time-traveler serves as a digital archive for an individual's personal history, allowing them to retrieve and review information about their past experiences.

    The company founder Dan Siroke today shared a tweet that they are being reached out by 100+ investors every day and they do not have time to meet with everyone, so he shared their investor presentation with the world on Youtube!

    Definitely being AI has become a huge gold rush!

    Read the official Note:
    The Tweet:
    The Youtube video Link:

  • OpenAI released Consistency Models repository in GitHub under the MIT license. This repo contains the codebase for consistency models that are implemented using PyTorch for conducting large-scale experiments on ImageNet-64, LSUN Bedroom-256, and LSUN Cat-256.
    Link for the official GitHub repo for consistency models:

  • Auto-GPT:

    A new autonomous GPT-4 experiment repository has been released recently in GitHub under MIT License. This application is driven by GPT-4 with LLM "thoughts" to autonomously achieve whatever goal you set. It lets GPT-4 run fully autonomously thus pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI.

    GitHub Repo Link:

  • OpenAI releases Bug Bounty Program: $20,000 rewards per bug find!
  • Link:

💬 WhatsApp launches new Security Features: Account Protect, Device Verification and Automatic Security Codes

🌏 Today April 14! is celebrated as World Quantum Day!

☁️ Amazon CodeWhisperer - free for individual use is now GA

☁️ Amazon EC2 Inf2: Low-Cost, High-Performance Generative AI Inference are now GA

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