Find Covid-19 Vaccine centers on macOS or iOS Maps App

Now that Covid-19 vaccines are getting rolled out all across the world and tech companies like Apple and Google are making sure that you get your vaccines easily by making their applications help you locate Covid-19 vaccine centers near you.

If you are looking to get vaccinated or want for parents or family members get vaccinated - one easy way to locate all the centers near you is by using the Maps application on Apple MacBook running macOS or on your iPhones.

How to locate Covid-19 vaccine centers on Maps App

  1. Open Maps App,
  2. Type: Covid-19 Vaccines and click on the Search Nearyby option,
  3. You will see the all the centers details near you.
  4. You can even make appointments by following the instructions as you hover over a center.
Maps App - Covid-19 Vaccines centers
Maps App - Covid-19 Vaccines centers

As you cans see in the above reach all the details related to covid hospitals, test centers, pharmacy and vaccine centers in Chicago Cook region.

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