[Nopepad++] How to add text at end of each line

Append Text At End Of Each Line
Append Text At End Of Each Line

Text Editors such as Notepad++ can come very handy when you want to quickly edit or append text to a file using regular expressions (regEx). If you have a use case where you want to append/suffix some text at the end of each line of a file, here is how you can achieve it,

  1. Open your file in Notepad++, of make sure you are on the tab that has your content.
  2. Now Click "Ctrl + H" to open replace window.
  3. Now make sure you have selected Search Mode as "Regular Expression"
  4. In Find What: type $
  5. In Replace With: type your text you want to append.
  6. Now Click: Replace All
  7. That's about it! you should see the text appended at the end of each file of your file.

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