What is Carbon Lang (successor to C++?) experimental Language by Google

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✋️Note: Carbon Language is yet an experimental!

In the year 2019, nearly 12 years from now, Google released a language called Go Lang, and Rust Lang in the following year that came out to be a huge success and is more widely used programming languages these days!

Now in 2022, Google announced Google just announced a new language called Carbon Lang based on a successor language approach as improve the performance of C++ that was released back in the year 1983 (nearly 40 years from now) which still remains to be the most dominating programming language for performance-critical software.

Why a new Language!

Well, this is not what is something new, we had Microsoft coming up with TypeScript from the base of JavaScript, JetBrains Kotlin from Java and Apple's Objective-C based on C and all of them have been a big success.

So talking about why Carbon for C++, here are some of the reasons,

  • Incrementally improving C++ is extremely difficult, both due to the technical debt itself and challenges with its evolution process.
  • The best way to address these problems is to avoid inheriting the legacy of C or C++ directly, and instead start with solid language foundations like modern generics system, modular code organization, and consistent, simple syntax.
  • Fast and scalable builds that work with your existing C++ build systems.

As per GitHub documentation the Language Goals are to support:
- Performance-critical software
- Software and language evolution
- Code that is easy to read, understand, and write
- Practical safety and testing mechanisms
- Fast and scalable development
- Modern OS platforms, hardware architectures, and environments
- Interoperability with and migration from existing C++ code

Reference: https://github.com/carbon-language/carbon-lang#why-build-carbon

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