5 Programming Languages to Learn in the Year 2021

Top 5 Programming Languages in the year 2021
Top 5 Programming Languages in the year 2021

The world is moving very fast and the tech world is moving even faster! In Late 2020 Apple released the new M1 Chips that would open up new frontiers to macOS and iOS developers! AI and ML have gained momentum and every organization is in a way or other using AI/ML to achieve more! If you are a student or a developer trying to learn a new language or want to know which programming languages will flourish in the year 2021? Here are the top 5 programming languages that will be in the spotlight!

  1. Python
  2. Undoutably the number one language to learn or master in the year 2021. Python has turned out to be "the language" for Machine Learning (ML) and Aftificial Intelligence (AI), if you are a Data Scientist you will completely agree to this. Python has such a rich set of libraries that makes it very easy to adapt, learn, and master! Python can really reduce the Turn-Around-Time of a project by miles.

  3. Java
  4. Java community celebrated 25 years since launch last year and it's not going away! The enterprise Java is still hot and brewing and it's getting better as it adapts to new features and functionalities in every release. Java is still the preferred language for Android Programming (Kotlin to look for?) 2021 is going to be strong for Java!

  5. JavaScript
  6. Well! The world-wide-web runs on JavaScript, be it client site validations or web game development JavaScript remains "The Language" for the Web and it's not going away from the top 5 list in 2021! With NodeJs getting popular day-by-day and so many frameworks around JavaScripts it's getting momentum among developers to get the developer's foundation strong.

  7. C++
  8. Remember almost 80% of Operating systems run Windows Operation system and C++ is the language used to design and develop most of the native applications (equally popular with .Net for web), C++ is the core language and its foundations are strong even if you never get to work on C++ it will still be taught in Schools and Colleges.

  9. R
  10. Last but not least! R has gained much popularity over the last couple of years - Thanks to the exponential demand and popularity in the Data Science field. Just like Python, R has a very wast set of liberties to make the programmer's life easy. It's much suited for preparing statistical models and visual reports. Dealing with large datasets is easy with R - thanks to its seamless interaction with Apache Hadoop and Spark

⚡️ Yes - I know I have not included may others like Scala, C#, Kotlin, or Swift!

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