Fetch as Google Crawl Error or Redirected Status

Fetch as Google is the fastest way to get your pages crawled quickly by the Google Search engine bots.

Google has recently changed the way Fetch as Google used to work. Now it has to Fetch and Fetches and Render options. When you submit a page to be crawled, you can see that the status field shows values as crawled Partially, Completely, Redirected or an Error occurred.

If you notice that the Status for a crawled page is Redirected, try the following,

  1. Just re-verify that the link actually exists!. Just copy the complete URL in the browser address filed and see if the webpage is loaded.
  2. If the URL exists and still you get an error just check if the URL is case-sensitive (Linux hosting URL are case sensitive if .htdocs settings are not present to handle them).
  3. If your page is an index page (or default page) then you must have a trailing slash (/) at the end of the URL or else you may face such an issue. I had recently noticed the same issue, wherein after a page is submitted without a trailing slash the webmaster page keeps reloading in an endless loop and the page is not getting crawled.

⛏️ If still, you face the redirection issue check your .htdocs settings.

Below you can see that a page, when sublimed to the crawler, gave a redirection error when the slash was missing, while got resolved when the slash was added.

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