Telegram down in Europe - users facing connection issues and 500 Internal Server error

Users are facing issues with Telegram App currently. Problem is widespread and primarily in Europe and Middle East.

✏️ Message from official Telegram Twitter handle

Telegram down connection issues
Telegram down connection issues

Telegram Messenger (@telegram)
Some of our users, primarily in Europe and the Middle East are currently experiencing connection issues. We're working to bring them back online. Cowboy hat face Please hang on, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Some users are complained that accounts are automatically logged out, asking for re login and authentication, messages not loading, not receiving new messages, 500 internal server error from the website.

Telegram app connecting
Telegram app connecting

Telegram 500 internal server error
Telegram 500 internal server error


  • I prefer Microsoft's Kaizala over Telegram. It has great features like quiz, survey, poll, attendance, location tagging. Moreover, we can have custom built cards.
    10 Feb 2021 06:22:49 GMT
  • Telegram not functioning since morning. I am going to try Sigal now, even Elon Musk suggested it over WhatsApp a few days ago. Let's give it a try!
    20 Jan 2021 15:12:43 GMT
  • Cannot send or receive #Telegram messages.
    04 Jan 2021 12:30:10 GMT
  • Tried updating the app, not helping
    04 Jan 2021 12:27:32 GMT
  • Unstable. sometimes sends msgs sometimes doesn't.
    04 Jan 2021 12:22:12 GMT
  • It seems Telegram suddenly has connection issues in Germany?
    04 Jan 2021 12:20:31 GMT
  • is this fixed?
    16 Dec 2020 13:33:30 GMT
  • I am waiting for my university assignment to pop up since last 1 hour :(
    16 Dec 2020 13:29:43 GMT
  • I keep seeing updating on the screen which never completes.
    16 Dec 2020 13:28:09 GMT
  • This is an opportunity for WhatsApp and Facebook.
    16 Dec 2020 13:25:10 GMT
  • Russia too.
    16 Dec 2020 13:24:00 GMT
  • Checked Twitter, there are more regions impacted - Bulgaria, Turkey, Belgium, Ethiopia, Slovakia, Poland, Greece, Sweden, more .. more.
    16 Dec 2020 13:22:32 GMT
  • quiz not working
    16 Dec 2020 13:12:44 GMT
  • working now
    16 Dec 2020 13:11:21 GMT
  • For 4 Minutes i Just imagined That, No Telegram. That was Terrible Exploding headLoudly crying face My Life has Been Completely connected to Telegram. My University, My Friends , My Family,..,My every thing needs Telegram ❤
    16 Dec 2020 13:07:24 GMT
  • Not only Europe and Midlle East, also in Uzbekistan. We couldn't connect with Telegram for 10-15 minutes. And it is not the firs time. I hope I can use Telegram for some years Again.
    16 Dec 2020 13:05:22 GMT
  • Switch to WhatsApp.
    16 Dec 2020 13:04:12 GMT
  • down in Turkey
    16 Dec 2020 13:01:01 GMT
  • Telegram was down 3 times this week, sucks!
    16 Dec 2020 12:58:12 GMT
  • Getting 500 internal server error from France.
    16 Dec 2020 12:57:51 GMT
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