Microsoft Sign-in Error Code: 50058 (Request Id, Correlation Id and Timestamp)

Microsoft Error Code 50058
Microsoft Error Code: 50058
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Error Code: 50058 
Request Id: 69f8f5e2-a338-4a81-9432-0133912c2700 
Correlation Id: 1701fc2a-6a10-46e0-a3a1-ea161fc5123b 
Timestamp: 2020-09-12T13:35:29.398Z 

If you get the above error 50058 while trying to log in to Microsoft applications such as Teams, Office365, or Outlook, it is mostly due to SSO or login-related issues.

You can check what the error code means by going to Microsoft URL:

Error Code50058
MessageSession information is not sufficient for single-sign-on.
RemediationThis means that a user is not signed in. This is a common error that's expected when a user is unauthenticated and has not yet signed in. If this error is encountered in an SSO context where the user has previously signed in, this means that the SSO session was either not found or invalid. This error may be returned to the application if prompt=none is specified.


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