Customize Praise badge for Microsoft Teams with own images, values, brand

Microsoft 365 team is currently working on this feature, you may vote for this here - Custom Praise images please

Microsoft Teams is full of plug-in Apps which can come handy in your day to day work. One such great App is "Praise App" designed to recognize the efforts of co-workers, colleagues, team members (Show gratitude for peers who went above and beyond at work).
There are default Praise badges provided by Microsoft and now you can have your own custom badges through the Praise settings in Microsoft Teams admin center.

The custom badges would be great addition to reflect your own corporate identity, values and branding. This will certainly make a connect with your employees.

Microsoft Teams default Praise badges.PNG
Microsoft Teams default Praise badges
The default Praise App provides these handy badges/cards which you can send to people -
  1. Courage
  2. Optimism
  3. Inclusive
  4. Awesome
  5. Thank you
  6. Achiever
  7. Problem solver
  8. Kind Heart
  9. Team player
  10. Leadership
  11. Creative
  12. Coach

Once available we can have something like below, a custom praise badge for "Code2Care Top Blogger!"
C2C Teams cutom praise badge
C2C Teams cutom praise badge

What can be customized from the Teams admin center

  1. Disable current default Praise badges.
  2. Enable custom badges.
  3. Upload up to 25 custom Praise badges
  4. Enable badges designed for educators and educator organizations.
  5. Control which badges are available in your organization.

How to enable and add custom Praise badges

  1. Open Teams admin center (you need to have admin permissions).
  2. From left navigation options, select Teams apps --> Manage apps --> search Praise.
  3. Once Praise App is open, click on Settings.
  4. Teams Praise - enable custom badge.PNG
    Teams Praise - enable custom badge
  5. Toggle "Default badges" On or Off to change availability of the default set or custom badges sets.
  6. Toggle On/Off to use Social and emotional learning badges for education.
  7. Click Add to upload your custom badge.
  8. Click Submit to save changes.
Now the custom badges will be available for our employees for use in Teams.

Microsoft Guidelines to create your own custom badges.
If you do not see the customization options, the feature may not be available for your Microsoft Office 365 Tenant yet and should roll out soon.

New Social Emotional Learning (SEL) features for Microsoft Education

  1. New Praise Badges in Microsoft Teams recognize moments of SEL growth
  2. New SEL sticker pack for OneNote creates an emotion-driven feedback mechanism
  3. New Reflect tool in Microsoft Teams makes emotional check-ins a daily routine


  • There is a Help Article that says this is available. And the article shows the same version of Praise that shows in our tenancy, but we don't have the settings icon to customize the app.
    anon 10 Dec 2020 03:22:32 GMT
  • where can I get detailed steps for this? like how to know when it is available for my tenant and how to enable?
    anon 26 Oct 2020 12:00:34 GMT
  • My version is 1.0.20200917, but dont' find this yet.
    anon 06 Oct 2020 18:43:10 GMT
  • Will we be able to collate the "Praise" data for students in each of the categories using data insights? It is great giving out praise but we would like to replace our current rewards system (plastic tokens) with a digital version that can count towards house points and this would be perfect.
    anon 25 Sep 2020 23:21:02 GMT
  • Love this, waiting to use it for my university students.
    anon 19 Sep 2020 21:09:45 GMT
  • Yes, this is a new feature in Teams and OneNote to support social-emotional learning approaches, check the article by Microsoft -
    anon 10 Sep 2020 23:38:11 GMT
  • not for my Teams yet, cant find custom option
    anon 10 Sep 2020 23:38:11 GMT
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