Lost your iPhone? Regenerate QR Code for Microsoft Authenticator App

Did you lose your iPhone, or did somehow the old phone stop working and you have a new phone now? This could cause an issue when it comes to Applications that you use with Multi-factor authentication using Microsoft Authenticator.

For iPhone Users

In such a case you can try to make use of the iCloud backup and restore option provided you had enabled the backup feature on the app on your iOS device.

When this option is enabled Microsoft Authenticator app will back up your account creds to iCloud. This comes in very useful in situations when you lose your phone or get a new device and want to recover your information with Windows 365 applications and portals.

Microsoft Autenticator BACKUP on iCloud for iPhone.

Steps to recovery on iPhone

  1. Open Microsoft Authenticator App on your iPhone
  2. Click on Begin recovery next to text - "Already have a backup? Sign in to your recovery account"
  3. Now Sign in with your recovery account using the personal Microsoft account that you had used while setting up the backup.
  4. Now your account credentials should be recovered to the new device.
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