How to add Business Users using Microsoft 365 Admin Center

If you have a new users who has joined your organization and you want to add them to the Microsoft 365 Subscription. Follow the below steps,

  1. Login to Microsoft Admin Center:
  2. On the Sidebar expand Users -> Active Users and click on Add a user.
    Add Business user using Microsoft 365 Admin Center
  3. Enter basic details like: First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Username and select the Domain (if you have multiple domains) where you want to create the user email account.
  4. Either auto generate the password or set it yourself.
  5. Click Next, and select Location and assign user a product license. Here you will see how many licenses available (example: 23‎ of ‎25‎ licenses available)
  6. Select Role for the new user. If non-admin select User checkbox, else to provide Admin center access, select options from below,
    • Exchange Administrator
    • Global Administrator
    • Global Reader
    • Helpdesk Administrator
    • Service Support Administrator
    • SharePoint Administrator
    • Teams Administrator
    • User Administrator
    Add Role to Microsoft 365 User
  7. You may also choose roles by expanding "Show all by category"
  8. Click Next and Review and finish.
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