[docker] Error response from daemon: No such container

% docker start myalpne
Error response from daemon: No such container: myalpne
Error: failed to start containers: myalpne

If you tried to start a docker container and you received an error response from the docker daemon saying No such container, then this could be due to the following reasons,

Reasons for No such container

  • You have misspelled the container name or ID
  • The container that you are trying to start was removed.
  • You may have mistakenly provided the image name instead of container
  • Container with the specified name does not really exists.


Just run docker ps -a command and see what the name of the container is that you are trying to start.

% docker ps -a        
cc7aef6c0663   alpine    "sh"      24 hours ago   Up 6 minutes             myalpine
Fix docker - Error response from daemon - No such container

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