How to Change Name on iPhone under Settings

What is the iPhone name, and where is it used?

    The "Name" of your iPhone is used as a display of the name of your device. This name is used to identify your iPhone when it's connected to other devices such as AirPods, Bluetooth Speakers, or even your iPads, Macbook, a computer, or other iOS devices, and when it appears on a network.

    Say for example, you have multiple iPhones in your household, giving each iPhone a unique name can help you identify which iPhone you are connecting to. Additionally, some apps may also use the name of your iPhone as a way to identify your device within the app, especially if you are using features like AirDrop or sharing your location with friends or family.

How to change the display name of your iPhone?

    To change the display name of your iPhone all you need to do is, go to the Settings app and tab on General, select the option About and you should see Name at the top, tap on it, the iOS Keyboard shall appear and you can rename your iPhone name and tap on done.

Step-by-Step Guide with images

  • Step 1: Open Settings App on your iPhone
    Step 1 - Open Settings App on your iPhone
  • Step 2:Tap on General
    Step 2 - Tap on General
  • Step 3: Tap on About
    Step 3 - Tap on About
  • Step 4: Tap on Name
    Step 4 - Tap on Name
  • Step 5: Change the name of your iPhone and tap on done
    Step 5 - Change the name of your iPhone and tap on Done

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