Open Large File in Notepad++ (Fix: File is too big to be opened by Notepad++)

If you try to open a large file in Notepad++ especially when there is not enough RAM available you will get an error File is too big to be opened by Notepad++

File is too big to be opened by Notepad++

In order to read a very large file in Notepad++ you can make use of HugeFiles plugin which will read the file in one chunk at a time. You can customize whether to try to end chunks on delimiters (e.g. line ends), the chunk size.

Author: Mark Johnston Olson

Download the plugin from Plugins -> Plugin Admin...

Huge Files Plugin Notepad++
Huge Files Plugin Notepad++
Read Huge File in Chunk - Notepad++


Choose file: Alt+ Shift + F
Settings: Alt + Shift+ T
First chunk: Alt+Up
Previous chunk: Alt+ Left
Next chunk: Alt+ Right
Last chunk: Alt+Down
Open chunk form: Alt+ Shift+ H

This is not an AI-generated article but is demonstrated by a human on Windows 11 device.

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