How to close all tabs of Notepad++?

Notepad++ Close all tabs at once
Notepad++ Close all tabs at once

If you want to close all open tabs in Notepad++ text editor, then simply press Ctrl + Shift + W Keyboard buttons at once. You can also do that by going to File -> Close All

Note: If you do not want to close all tabs as there should be at-least one tab open in order to have Notepad++ open, so you can only choose from the following options to close the tabs:

  1. Close: To close current tab.
  2. Close all BUT This: This will close all other tabs apart from the current one.
  3. Cloase all to the LEFT
  4. Cloase all to the RIGHT
  5. Cloase all to the UNCHANGED: Will close all files that were not changed.
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