Column Mode Editing in Notepad++

⛏️ Just hold Alt + Mouse Drag vertically and horizontally to do column mode editing!


In the above image I have selected the middle row of a CSV that I can change at one go!

Just like Multi-Editing Feature we have Column Mode Editing in Notepad++. We can select multiple lines for editing by Holding Alt key + Mouse Drag.

This might be helpful in various scenarios,

  • If you want to add something at the start of each lines and at the end of each line or to make a Sql Script form a CSV file.
  • Remove some text at the start of each line simultaneously.
  • Add/Remove text at the middle or end of each line.
  • Copy a column text and paste it somewhere else.

This may not be useful if you want to edit certain text at certain parts of the document for this you may have to try Multi-Editing.

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