Must have CSV Plugins for Notepad++

Notepad++ is the most powerful and much-loved free text editor for Windows Operating Systems. What makes it more powerful is the support for plugins.

In this article we take a look at a few plugins for Notepad++ that can help you work with CSV files.

CSV Lint

    CSV Query Plugin for Notepad++

    CSV Lint plug-in for Notepad++ is a must-have to work with comma-separated values (csv) files, it adds syntax highlighting and fixed width data files. It can automatically detect column datatypes. You can also validate data formatting errors and adjust datetime and decimal formats.

    Freatures of CSV Lint Plugin:

    1. Automatic Metadata Detection: It scans your dataset to identify columns and their data types.

    2. Schema Generation: Based on the detected metadata, it creates a schema.ini file for your dataset.

    3. Data Validation: It allows you to validate your data against the schema you've defined.

    4. Flexible Data Transformation: You can convert date and decimal values to different formats as needed.

    5. Format Conversion: Easily switch between CSV, semicolon, tab-separated, and fixed-width formats.

    6. Data Segmentation: You can separate valid and invalid values into distinct columns.

    7. Count Unique Values: Quickly count unique values in one or more columns.

    8. SQL Script Conversion: Convert your CSV data into SQL insert scripts for database integration.

CSV Query

    CSV Query Plugin for Notepad++

    The CSV Query Plugin is something that you might be looking for, it will auto-detect separators, headers, and column type and display the content as a table (just like an Excel sheet)

    On top of displaying the content as a table, you can even run SQL-like queries on the data from within Notepad++

    CSV Query Plugin stores data is stored in an in-memory SQLite databas

    CSV Query Window - Notepad++

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