Notepad++ Mark and Copy feature

Notepad++ has a new feature where-in you can Mark text based on your search query or regular expression, doing so you can highlight all the matches in the file and even copy and paste it somewhere else,

Notepad++ Mark and Copy Feature
Notepad++ Mark and Copy Feature

Example Usecase:

If you want to filter all the lines that start with a word or contain a word use it somewhere else.

  • Open file or tab in Notepad++,
  • Now either Press Control + M or go to Search -> Mark to open Mark Window,
  • Find What: ^P.* (example all words that starts with P)
  • Click on Mark All,
  • Click on Copy Marked Text, to copy to clipbaord,
  • Click Clear Marked Text to remove all markings

✌️It gets more interesting if you try that without clearing the marked text, you can highlight more texts again with different searches until you reach what you want and then copy them.

Similarly you can even bookmark lines based on a search by selecting the "Bookmark Lines" checkbox.

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