Microsoft Teams meeting Full Screen mode option missing - bring it back

Microsoft Teams got rid of the "Full Screen" mode in the new meeting experience and replaced it with "Focus" mode which is a widescreen kind of feature.

The Full Screen option is now back even with the new meeting experience. Now you get both FOCUS and FULL SCREEN modes to use while presenting or sharing desktop.

  1. Focus Mode - Focus on the presented content along with the list of participants.
  2. Full Screen Mode - fill the entire screen with presentation, better readability.
Microsoft Teams Full Screen and Focus mode.PNG
Microsoft Teams Full Screen and Focus mode

How to revert to the old Teams meeting experience with full screen option ?

You can bring back the full screen option from Teams Settings by unchecking "Turn on the new meeting experience" option.

Click your profile photo from top-right --> Click Settings --> General --> Uncheck "Turn on new meeting experience (New meetings and calls will open in separate windows. Requires restarting Teams.)"

Teams - enable full screen mode.PNG
Teams - enable full screen mode

With the new enhancements, you can use both Full Screen and Focus modes in Teams meeting with the new meeting experience.
If this does not work for you yet, wait till the feature is enabled for your Microsoft 365 Tenant.

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