Add Blank Lines Between Each Lines in Notepad++

If you want to add a blank i.e. new line after each line in a text file, you can do it with Notepad++ find and replace option,

  1. Go to Find and Replace
  2. Search mode type : /n
  3. Find what : /n
  4. Replace with : /n/n
  5. Select mode : Extended

1. Open text file in Notepad++

Load your text fine with Notepad++. Now press Ctrl+F to open Find and Replace box. Select the Replace box.

How to add a blank line after every line Notepad++
How to add a blank line after every line Notepad++

2. Find and Replace tab

Now, Select Select Mode: Extended, and in the Find field add /n and in Replace field add \n\n (i.e. two new lines characters to make one line break to two) and Click on Replace All button.

3. Result

Now blank lines are added after each line to the text file.

Replace All to add blank lines - Notepad++
Replace All to add blank lines - Notepad++

❗️ Remember to select option Extension or else you will not get desired results.

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