Enable Native Dark Mode in Notepad++

If you have been using Notepad++ over the years, you must have seen that the way to render Notepad++ in dark mode was to use Themes, but do you know Notepad++ now natively supports dark mode? Yes, it does!

Notepad++ Dark Mode
Notepad++ Dark Mode

AS you can see the whole of the application goes into the dark mode with the Menu, Toolbar all changed with nice looking white icons and text.

How to enable Dark Mode in Notepad++ Natively

  1. Go to Menu: Settings,
  2. Select Prefernces..,
  3. Select Dark Mode from the left menu,
  4. Click on the checkbox: "Enable Dark Mode"
  5. Click Close.

You can choose from different tones as well as customize the colors of various parts of Notepad++,

Notepad++ Dark mode Options
Notepad++ Dark mode Options
Dark Mode Tone Options:
• Black tone
• Red tone
• Green tone
• Blue tone
• Purple tone
• Cyan tone
• Olive tone
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