[fix] Docker Desktop App not starting on Mac (macOS)

If you trying to open the Docker Desktop App on the Mac and you see it not loading/booting up, you may have to kill its process running in the background that may be having issues.

Fix Setps:

First try to Force Quit Docker by going under macOS Menu: Apple Logo  -> Force Quit...

  1. Open Activity Monitor using Spotlight Search,
  2. Now under CPU see if you can see Docker,
    Docker under Activity Monitor on Mac
  3. Now Select Docker on the list and click on the X button as highlighted in the image,
    Force Quit Docker Mac
  4. You will get a prompt, Select Quit or Force Quit,
    Are you sure you want to quit this process?
    Do you really want to quit "Docker"?
           Force Quit
  5. Now when you try to Open Docker Desktop again it should open like a charm!

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