[fix] Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

docker - Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix
Docker Error Message:
Last login: Sat Feb 12 15:03:21 on console
 % docker run hello-world

docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. 
Is the docker daemon running?.
See 'docker run --help'.

If you try to execute the Docker run command in Terminal and you get the above error, then it's because Docker Desktop is not running.

  1. Go to Spotlight Search,
  2. Type: Docker and open the App
  3. You would see it on your Apple Menu bar,
  4. Make sure you see: "Docker is running"
    Make sure docker is running
    Make sure docker is running
 % docker run hello-world
Unable to find image 'hello-world:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from library/hello-world
93288797bd35: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:97a379f4f88575512824f3b352bc03cd75e239179eea0fecc38e597b2209f49a
Status: Downloaded newer image for hello-world:latest

Hello from Docker!


  • anaonymous: you saved my day! .. thank you :)
    11 Jun 2202 01:01:24 GMT
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