[Fix] Docker Error response from daemon: manifest for :latest not found: manifest unknown

docker pull kasmweb/kali

Using default tag: latest
Error response from daemon: manifest for kasmweb/kali:latest not found: 
manifest unknown: manifest unknown

If you are trying to pull a docker image and you get "manifest unknown" error when trying to get the latest image, just go to docker hub https://hub.docker.com and look for the image and the tags available, and pull the image from the tag instead.

Docker Error response from daemon manifest unknown
% docker pull kasmweb/kali:develop-edge

develop-edge: Pulling from kasmweb/kali
eaada01a3164: Pulling fs layer 
0b54856eab5b: Pulling fs layer 
b5f345c9fd77: Pulling fs layer

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