How to zoom-in or zoom-out in Windows Notepad

It is very simple to zoom-in or zoom-out to increase or decrease text size respectively. Just press Control Key on your keyboard and Scroll Up your mouse wheel, as you scroll-up you would see the font size increasing, Similarly keep pressing Control button and do Scroll down on your mouse wheel to decrease the font size.

Don't like using the mouse? You can use the keyboard shortcuts as well.

Notepad Zoom in/out Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + Plus Sign: To Zoom-in
  • Ctrl + Minus Sign: To Zoom-out
  • Ctrl + 0: To reset zoom

You can also use menu options:

Notepad Zoom in/out Menu Options

  1. Goto Menu: View
  2. Select Zoom -> Zoom In
  3. or Select Zoom -> Zoom Out
  4. or Select Zoom -> Reset Default Zoom
GIF Demo:
Zoom In Zoom Out in Window Notepad GIF
Zoom In Zoom Out in Window Notepad GIF

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