What is FCM Messages Test Notification! [Microsoft Teams] [Google Hangouts]

If you are an Android mobile phone user then you must have received suspicious FCM Messages push notification that read Test Notification! on your Google Hangouts. Well today there are loads of people across the world complaining that they are receiving these mysterious push messages on Microsoft Teams Chat applications well.

Some people received 4-8 messages and mostly they are like the below text,

FCM Messagess Test Notificationsss!!!!
FCM Messages Test Notificationss!!!!

If you see there are two variants of this message, one with Messages and Notifications!! (3 s'es)

There has not been any official word from Google or Microsoft yet! But these messages seem harmless as they do not any links or attachments.

⚡️ Let's stay calm and not click on any such messages and wait for an official message from Microsoft and Google!

Microsot Teams Google Hangout - FCM Messages Test Notification
What is FCM Messages?

What is FCM Messages?

FCM is an acronym of Firebase Cloud Messaging, earlier known as Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), it is a cross-platform cloud solution for messages and notifications for Android, iOS, and web applications

The service is provided by Firebase which is a subsidiary of Google.FCM currently can be used at no cost.

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