Internet Explorer browser auto redirect to Microsoft Edge for compatibility with modern web sites

Microsoft Edge is a cross-platform web browser by Microsoft which can be used with Windows and Linux OS, Xbox, Android, iOS, macOS. Edge also includes integrates well with Cortana and has extensions hosted on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft is making configuration changes with Edge version 87 to address compatibility issues when users navigate to incompatible public sites while using Internet Explorer 11.
IE 11 has been popular and still supported, but many modern websites are not compatible, Edge is the star Microsoft browser and way forward.

Why this change ?

The configuration change will help fix a broken experience when users visit specific public sites in Internet Explorer 11. Incompatible sites display a message "Please update your browser - We don't support this browser version anymore. Using an updated version will help protect your accounts and provide a better experience" and ask to update your browser.

IE 11 message - please update your browser.PNG
IE 11 message - please update your browser

When will this happen ?

On November 19 2020

When you upgrade to Microsoft Edge 87 stable version.

What will happen ?

When users visit a public site known to be incompatible with IE 11, user will be redirected to Microsoft Edge. On first redirect, users will be asked if they would like to import browsing data and preferences from IE 11. Further redirects will display a closable banner with additional options and information.

Users will be shown the one-time dialog explaining why they are getting redirected and prompt for consent to copy the browsing data and preferences from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. (Favorites, Passwords, Search engines, open tabs, History, settings, cookies, and the Home Page.)

IE 11 redirect.PNG
IE 11 redirect

Even if user does not give consent by checking "Always bring over my browsing data and preferences from Internet Explorer", they can click Continue browsing to continue the session. Finally, a website incompatibility banner, shown in the next screenshot, appears below the address bar for every redirection. This will encourage users to switch to Microsoft Edge.

Some websites no longer work with Internet Explorer. We recommend switching to Microsoft Edge completely for an uninterrupted experience.
Set as default browser.
Explore Microsoft Edge.

IE 11 incompatibility banner.PNG
IE 11 incompatibility banner

Does this change my default browser ?

No, will impact only devices with new Microsoft Edge previously installed and will only be activated when a user navigates to an incompatible public site while using Internet Explorer 11.

Can I block this change ?

Yes you can block the configuration change.
  1. Before updating to Microsoft Edge Stable version - Set the RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerRedirectMode policy to Enabled
  2. After updating to Microsoft Edge Stable version
    Set the RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerRedirectMode policy to Disabled
    Set the RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerPreventBHOInstall policy to Enabled
  3. ADMX updates after October 26, 2020.
  4. Intune updates after November 9 2020.

More information on this from Microsoft can be found here.


  • Yup! I see this as well, I normally use IE11 to open up Teams, but today it redirected me to Edge browser saying "The website you were trying to reach doesn't work with Internet Explorer".
    You're now browsing in Microsoft Edge
    This website doesn't work with Internet Explorer
    Microsoft recommends continuing in Microsoft Edge to experience better speed, performance, and security.
    Avoid interruptions by bringing my browsing data and preferences from Internet Explorer whenever this happens
    30 Nov 2020 16:11:21 GMT
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