macOS Ventura Login Item Added Google Chrome Notification

When you launch Google Chrome Application on your macOS Ventura, you would see a notification like below,

Login Item Added
"Google Chrome" will open automatically when you log in. 
You can manage this in Login Items Settings.
macOS Ventura - Login Item Added

How to remove App from Mac Login Items


Chrome Always getting Added to Login Items Issue

Interesting with Google Chrome, even when you remove the Chome Application from the Login Items list it still appears again when you launch Chrome.

Workaround/Fix for the Issue:

  1. Open Google Chrome Application,
  2. Click on the Extensions icon and select Manage Extenstions,
  3. Disable All your extensions,
  4. Quit Chorme (Command + Q)
  5. Remove Chrome from Login Items
  6. Open Chome and enable extensions one by one, of them when enabled may give the same notification again! It's probably the culprit.

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