[Fix] Microsoft teams error code 503 - Failed to reach https

Do'h - Something went wrong
desktop - xxxxxxxxxxxx
Error code - 503
Failed to reach: https://xxxxx

If you get Error code 503 then it is mostly due to a server-related issue. In such a case you should reach out to your companies Tenant Administrator to resolve this issue. There is nothing wrong with your end. It could be that the server went down due to a heavy load on the resources.

Teams web URL: https://teams.microsoft.com/

You can try login into the web version of the Microsoft Teams or the mobile application and see if that is working for you in the meanwhile.

Micosoft Teams Error code - 503
Micosoft Teams Error code - 503

You may try the below steps,

  1. Open Run by pressing Windows + R keys,
  2. Type control and press OK button,
  3. Now under Control Panel go to User Accounts > Credential Manager and click on Windows Credentials,
  4. Remove all the credentials related to Microsoft Teams,
  5. Save changes and try to login-in to Teams desktop client again.

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