How to save All Files at once in Notepad++

If you have a lot of files open in Notepad++ as multiple tabs and you want to save all of them at once, you can make use of the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + S.

You can also achieve the same by going to Menu: File -> Save All...

Before files are saved you will see a warning.

Are you sure you want to save all modified documents?

Choose Always Yes" if you don't want to see this dialog again.

You can re-activate this dialog in Preferences later.

If you select Yes, all files will be saved at once.

Are you sure to save all files at once - Notepad++

Note: If there are certain tabs that are not yet saved as files, then you will get a prompt to save each of them with a name. Once done all the files where changes were made will be saved.


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