Google Webmaster : An error has occurred. Please try again later

Recently while trying to submit a URL to Google Webmaster Tools to get a page Crawled by search engine bot I received the following error message,

Fetch and Render: An error has occurred. Please try again later.

Even when I try "Crawl only this URL" or "Crawl this URL and its direct links" I get the same error!! I have not exhausted the monthly limits too (more than 450 single page URLs crawls available and 7 Multiple URL crawls available)

It seems to be a temporary issue and I guess I must wait and try again in some time.


I tried to Fetch as Google feature for some other URL and it seemed to work, after analyzing the scenarios I found that there was are special symbols like [ or ] (square parentheses) in the URL which was not getting crawled.

I edited the URL and removed the braces and tried Webmaster Fetch as Google again and it worked!!

I hope this helps someone facing a similar issue!

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