Add Custom header and footer to Windows Notepad file

Notepad adding custom Header and Footer
Notepad adding custom Header and Footer

For printing a text file using Microsoft Notepad we can add a custom header and footer using the Advance Page Setup feature available under the File menu.

  1. Open Notepad adding custom Header and Footer file with Notepad
  2. Now go to File → Page Setup
  3. You would see Header and Footer Text Boxes
  4. Now add your custom text and with the below keywords,
    1. To insert today's date add : &d
    2. To insert the time add : &t
    3. To insert the page number add : &p
    4. To insert the name of the file : &f
    5. To insert an ampersand (&) symbol add : &&
To align Header and Footer we can use,
  1. &l => To position them left
  2. &r => To position them at right
  3. &c => To position them at the center.
Example if you want a footer to show page as "Page 1", "Page 2" ... and at the center add: &c Page &p
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