How to Open Trash on Mac

If you are new to Apple's Mac device running macOS and wondering how to open Trash (known as Recycle bin in Windows), all you need to do is click on the bin icon on the Dock,

 Open Trash on Mac

You should find it at the bottom of your screen at the extreme right side of the Dock, separated by a horizontal bar. If you will hover over the icon you will see a tooltip "Trash".

Mac Trash Folder
Mac Trash Folder

When you click on the Trash icon you will get a window displayed with all the files and directories that were deleted with a date when it was added, size of the file, extension, and other details.

You can Contol-Click (Right Click) on any of the items in the Trash and either delete it immediately or put back to where it was deleted from.

Mac Trash Delete or Put back file
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