[fix] macOS Ventura - Python3 xcrun: error: invalid active developer path missing xcrun at CommandLineTools

macOS invalid active developer path error
Terminal Error:
% python3

xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at: 

If you have recently upgraded your macOS from Mojave to Ventura and you get the invalid active developer error when trying to run Pyton3 scripts on the Mac Terminal, then follow the below steps to fix this issue,

Steps to fix Python "invalid active developer" error macOS

  • Open Terminal App,
  • Run command xcode-select --install to install Command Line Tools Package.
  • You will be prompted,
    The "xcode-select" command requires the command line developer tools. 
    Would you like to install the tools now?
    Choose Install to download and install the command line developer tools now.
  • Click Install, it may take a while to download Command Line Tools (based on your internet speed), took around 40 minutes for me.
  • Runt Python3 command again and it should work!

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