Solution: Office 365 - Request denied while Login Verification (MFA)

If you were trying to login to OneDrive, Teams, Outlook, or any other Microsoft App on your Windows/Mac device and you got a verification number displayed on your Android/iPhone's Authenticator app but you (or someone else who has your phone currently) happened to say "No, it's not me" instead of Yes well you will see "Request denied".

Windows Authenticator App for MFA Login
Request denied - Office 365

As the message clearly says - "We sent an identity verification request to your mobile device, but you denied it."


  1. You may have by mistakenly clicked on the No button.
  2. Your phone is with someone else, who clicked no.
  3. You were trying to log in to someone's else account, but were denied by them.

The solution is simple, simply click on "Send another request to my Microsoft Authenticator app" and make sure you add the number displayed in the Authenticator app on your phone.

Apporve a Sign in Request in Authenticator app

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