Add imports in eclipse shortcut key combinations

Eclipse is a wonderful and most powerful IDE to work with. If you have written a line of code and the imports for it is missing or say you have borrowed a piece of code and imports are missing, you do not need to manually remember or type the imports of the Classes being used, simple press "Ctrl + Shift + O" and all needed imports will be added to the class file.

By doing "Ctrl + Shift + O" you also remove any unwanted/unused imports that exist in your class file.

Example :

Let's say you copied a line "Data d = new Date();" and you see an error like

Multiple markers at this line

- Date cannot be resolved to a type

- Data cannot be resolved to a type

Press Ctrl + Shift + O you will get a pop-up dialog saying that Date class exists in two packages "com.sql.Date" and "com.util.Date" choose the appropriate and you would see that import statement is added just below package statement at the top. If imports have no resolution to do you would not get this popup and simply the imports will get added.

Eclipse import example.gif
Eclipse import example.gif

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