14 Must Know Windows Logo Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 and 11

If you use a Windows 10/11 PC, then below are some must-know keyboard shortcuts that you should know.

Keyboard Key CombinationAction on Windows 10/11
Windows logo key + AOpens the Action Center for notifications and quick settings.
1 - Windows Logo Key + A - Action Center
Windows logo key + CActivates the voice typing feature
Windows logo key + DHides or unhides the desktop
Windows logo key + Down arrowMoves down through the sequence of Maximized > Windowed > Minimized for the focused window
Windows logo key + EOpens File Explorer
2 - Windows Logo Key + E - Files Explorer
Windows logo key + IOpens Settings
3 - Windows Key + I - Settings
Windows logo key + LLocks your computer
Windows logo key + MMinimizes all windows
Windows logo key + ROpens the Run command.
4 - Windows Logo Key + R - Run
Windows logo key + SOpens Search
Windows logo key + TabSwitches to Task View, a selected window will return with focus
Windows logo key + Up arrowMoves up through the sequence of Minimized > Windowed > Maximized for the focused window
Windows logo key + VOpens Clipboard history to do copy and paste.
6 - Windows Logo Key + V - Clipboard History
Windows logo key + XOpens the Quick Link menu (WinX menu)

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