Notepad++ copy above line-example

Notepad++ Copy above line example.gif
Notepad++ Copy above line example

If you want to copy/duplicate/repeat the above line in Notepad++, you can follow the below steps,

  1. Move your curser to the line that you want to copy,.
  2. Now press Ctrl + D keyboard keys together,
  3. You should see that the above line gets copied just below it.
Example: Before
1. This is my line above.
2. This is my line below.
Example: After
1. This is my line above.
2. This is my line above.
3. This is my line below.

As you can see I had two lines and my cursor was on line 1, when I pressed Ctrl+D the above line got copied to line two, and line 2 was shifted to the new line number 3.

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