How to increase macOS Terminal text font size (Big Sur)

If you are not happy with the size of the font that you see in the macOS terminal text or you are presenting something on your MacBook to a classroom or your office team and the terminal font size looks too small, you can change it by following the below steps,

Change font size macOS Terminal Text
Change font size macOS Terminal Text
  1. Open Terminal Application,
  2. Now from the Menu select: Terminal -> Preferences...
  3. Now under Text section, click on change... button under Font section,
  4. You will see size option where you can change the font size (default was 9)
  5. After the change - close the Fonts window,
  6. Now close the Profiles window,
  7. You would need to restart your terminal to reflect the font size change.

Keyboard Shortcut to increase/decrease terminal font size

There is an alternate way in which you can either increase or decrease the size of the terminal text i.e. by using keyboard shortcuts,

Command and - keys: To decrease font size

Command and + keys: To increase font size

Change macOS Terminal Font Size using keyboard shortcuts
Change macOS Terminal Font Size using keyboard shortcuts

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