How to find the Battery Cycle Count on macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura (13.0) is the latest Operating System for Mac computers. If you are trying to take a look at how many battery cycles you have completed on your MacBook device, then its worth noticing that the way to reach out to this information has changed in the new macOS,

How to get to Battery Cycle Details

  1. Click on the Apple Logo  on the Menu bar,
  2. Now Select About this Mac...,
    macOS Ventura - About this Mac Menu Option
  3. Now click on More Info... button,
    About this mac window on macOS Ventura
  4. Go to General on the left menu,
  5. Now scroll down and click on System Report... button,
    System Report macOS Ventura
  6. Select Power under Hardware,
  7. You should be able to see Cycle Count under Health Information
macOS Ventura System Information with Battery Cycle information

As you can see I have completed 109 Battery Cycles on my MacBook Air.

Know Battery Cycle Details in short steps

Pro Tip: Simply open Spotlight Search and type: System Information, this will quickly get you Hardware -> Power -> Cycle Count

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