macOS Ventura XCode Command Line Tools Installation

The Command Line Tools is a package that enables UNIX-style development via Terminal and also contains macOS SDK frameworks and headers. Some of the tools included in this package are the Apple LLVM compiler, linker, and Make.

If you have updated your Mac device with the new macOS Ventura 13, the XCode Command Line Tools is something that you would need as an add-on which is required for the installation of Xcode to be complete as well as to install the package manager like brew.

Option 1: By Installing Homebrew

If this is your fresh device or install, you can install brew and it will in turn install the Command Line Tools

Installing HomeBrew and Command Line Tools on macOS Ventura

Option 2: Direct Install via Terminal Command

If you to install Command Line Tools directly, run the command xcode-select --install on the Terminal and follow the instructions that will come up as a dialog.

Option 3: By Downloading the Setup from the Apple Developer website (needs an account)

You can log in to your Apple Developer account and download the latest available Command Line Tools for Xcode.

Link: : Command Line Tools for Xcode 14.1 Release Candidate 2.dmg

The size of this Command Line Tool installer is around 672 MB

Command Line Tools for Xcode macOS Ventura

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