How to do screen recording on Mac

One of the best things about Mac is that you do not need any external app to do a screen recording, the built-in Screenshot app has the option to record your macOS screen wonderfully for free!

Let's take a look at how to do a screen recording,

Using Screenshot App

    Step 1: Open Spotlight Search (press F4 on your Macbook or Command ⌘ + Spacebar) and type Screeshot and open the app.

    Step 2: Now make sure to select either of the two options:

    • Record Entire Screen: If you want to record the entire desktop screen of your Mac.
      Record the entire screen
    • Record Selected Portion: If you want to record a cropped section of the screen.
      Record Selected Portion

    Step 3: Now press the record button, and the recoding will start.

    Step 4: To stop the recording, you can press the stop button as you will see on the right side of the macOS menubar as shown in the below screenshot.

    Stop Screen Recording on Mac

As you can see in the above image, by default when you stop the recording the recorded video is saved on the Desktop with a name like Screen Recording 2023-08-22 at 11.00.36

There are certain options that you can choose from by clicking on the Options dropdown.

Save to: To choose where you want to save the screen recorded files.
QuickTime Player
Other Location...

Timer: If you want to add a delay before the recording starts.
5 Seconds
10 Seconds 

Microphone: If you want to record your voice or the system sound while recording.
MacBook Air Microphone

Show Floating Thumbnail
Remember Last Selection
Show Mouse Clicks
Options to Save the recordings

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